About us

For more than 50 years KVIST has produced high-quality furniture for major Danish and foreign brands.

Our goal is to strengthen the sustainable and circular economy by offering FSC® certificated wood, recyclable materials, Eco-labelling,  water-based paint, flat-pack and so much more for your iconic furniture designs. 

Our inhouse experts can provide you with quality know-how and a 360 degrees service concept including; Creation, Compliance, Craftmanship, Quick-ship and our KVIST Academy.

Experienced team

Based on years of experience, along with extensive production equipment, we can enter highly complex and demanding projects with our customers. Our ambition is to take part in securing continuous development in an industry that must be capable of both appreciating classics as well as encouraging innovation.

KVIST offers a wide range of services to help you be more compliant and successful. We are:

  • Experts in wood furniture development, production, logistics and business counselling based on decades of experience and deep know-how about materials and processes.
  • The preferred value chain partner to the majority of the high growth furniture design companies and we create value for our customers across the entire value chain, operating as a strategic “one-stop-shop” partner.
  • Amongst the top players in Europe in terms of size and competencies.

Our mission

 "We develop, manufacture and sell high quality furniture for the benefit of customers and environment"

Our vision

" Creating tomorrows furniture - today"

Our History

Furniture since 1967

The history of KVIST Industries goes more than three centuries back, as our production of wooden furniture dates all the way back to 1896, when the factory's name at this point in the history was Tarm Stole og Møbelfabrik placed in Tarm, Denmark.

In 1967, Arne Kvist establishes the company Årre Facon Spænd in Årre, Denmark. Through the years, the company was going through joint ventures, merging and buying other companies whereas Tarm Stole og Møbelfabrik is one of those. During the twentieth century, the company played an important role in developing the Danish and international furniture industry.

In 2013, the company changes its name to KVIST Industries and is today owned by shares of the brothers Michael and Søren Kvist,  Industry Udvikling, and LGP Holding. The company is set up by a Board of Directors with Arne Kvist as the honourable member.


In the recent years we have been able to move from being the supplier and subcontractor towards being a full-service partner to our customers. We are still manufacturing a wide range of high-quality furniture in wood and a mix of steel, upholstery and plastic, and provide the full range of services from the earliest stage in developing a prototype to the final logistics, full supply chain setup to business counselling.

Our goal for today and the future is to strengthen the sustainable and circular economy by continuing to expand KVIST into offering recyclable materials, flat-pack, Eco-labeling, FSC®, water-based paint, etc.

Creating values for our customers across the entire value chain operating as a strategic “one-stop-shop partner” is the most important point for us. We strive to be the preferred value chain partner and we strongly believe that sustainable furniture equals high-quality furniture and should support longevity with reduced need for energy and resources.

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