KVIST offers endless possibilities for furniture and component upholstery:

  • Upholstery of furniture – foam with fabrics and/or leather/skin
  • Rattan cane incorporation into the product
  • Strapping with different types of straps
  • Webbing of chair seat and backrest with paper or linen cord
  • Use of a mixture of feathers and down
  • Sewing of different parts and details
  • Upholstery of sofas, components, and chair seats/backs

In collaboration with you, we create the best possible solutions tailored to
your needs.

The upholstery department

KVIST’s upholstery department has many years of experience and is continuously growing because of the high demand for upholstered furniture in the market. We offer a lot of different upholstery materials and upholstery techniques.

Partnering with us you get more than just an upholstery partner – you get knowledge, experience, and compliant production. Each technique and process is selected, tested, and founded for every unique product and design. Before start-up on new products, we consult you regarding specifications and strive to find the best solution.

We offer flexibility as well. The base (wooden pads) for upholstery can be made by KVIST or can be delivered by you.


Leather/skin for upholstery

Before the use of the leather/skin for upholstery, our experts analyse the leather. Density, characteristics, elasticity, hardness, thickness, and many other factors are taking into consideration.

KVIST offers flame retardant treatment of leather and fabrics according to the British standard CRIB 5 regulations, advice on selection of materials and use of materials for specific markets and industry requirements.

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