High quality tabletop production

KVIST offers one of the most capable tabletop productions of glued surfaces on wooden boards.

If you require high-quality tabletop production within the industrial production, KVIST is able to advise and guide you in the process from idea to finish packed goods with both Danish and English-speaking specialists.

We at KVIST have the capabilities to craft, package, and send out your special design.

Are you searching for a supplier of a finished table?

Our facility plant is placed at our headquarter in Denmark close to both airports and highways.

KVIST often uses three different plate types for tables as standard materials: plywood, MDF and chipboards. The choice of the type depends on your individual needs and requirements for strength, quality, and visual expression, which also applies to the choice of finished top and edge material. You will always receive our best expert advice on different techniques, possible choices for your table product, and on the different compliance demands you can be met with in your selected market.

Nanolaminate tabletop

In need of specialities?

To comply with the furniture industry's very versatile market demands, we can also offer you special variants to match a project's individual requirements. Our production specialists like to be challenged with your new ideas!

Talk to us and learn more about how we can help you.

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