50 years of experience

For more than 50 years furniture in solid and moulded wood has been KVIST's core competence.

With our skillful hands, modern CNC park, pressing technology, and our experienced team of employees we can produce all kinds of moulding and shaping.

  • Turned wood
  • Steam bending wood
  • Molded wood
  • Knife cut veneer in four different looks
  • 3D veneer for very curvy shapes
  • Laser engraving


With 50 years of experience we have built up a huge know-how in wood

... and for that reason, we have knowledge about how the wood would react to the requirements you set. We always put this information into use when we’re starting a new project with you, but you’re also welcome to challenge us!

We mainly perform in oak, beech, ash, maple, and walnut – but if something else is needed we’re always open for requests! 

Consumers become increasingly interested in not only quality and design, but also to know that their furniture has been responsibly produced and comes from well-managed forests. KVIST follows that path and offers FSC-certified wood.

You can always put solid and moulded wood together with other material categories. There is a possibility for both to make the complete product or only parts of it.

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