KVIST supports your work with compliance and environmental ambitions. You can leave all your compliance concerns on KVIST's shoulders.

We always live up to the requirements that need to be taken into consideration for your specific market. We help you with different sustainability certifications, test demands and market legal requirements.

How do we help our customers to be compliant?

KVIST always advises you and help you to live up to the specifications in your specific market. Based on your needs, we offer:

Products complied with EU regulations for furniture products: Some legal requirements and regulations are specific for the European market. However, they are internationally acknowledged and includes e.g. the REACH regulation on chemicals, the EN 717-1 or E1 standard on formaldehyde emissions and the EUTR on wood and wood-based materials. Furthermore, the EU compliance package is a good starting point for starting an EU or Nordic Swan Ecolabel application, as most of the regulations are among the basic requirements in the ecolabels.

Products complied with US market requirements: 
Some regulations on furniture are specific to the American market. This includes the Proposition 65 list regarding the use of chemicals, the TSCA Title VI regarding emissions of formaldehyde, the Lacey Act on wood and wood-based materials, the CAL/TB 117 flammability requirement, and the Law Label on upholstered furniture.

Products complied with UK market requirements: 
In the UK, there are strict flammability requirements for upholstered furniture, which requires the upholstery material to be treated with flame-retardants. By offering a UK compliance package, we help you to gain the access to the British market, which has the highest flammability compliance requirements.

Take care of the environment

Besides being compliant on the market, you can choose to certificate your product with different eco label certifications. KVIST has full knowledge and experience to support you.

Through our FSC certification, we help you to promote sustainable forestry, which ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.  KVIST is certified according to the multisite CoC standard and is certified to sell furniture with an FSC® 70% Mix claim and to a less extent an FSC® 100% claim.

KVIST provides products and services with EU Ecolabel meeting the environmental standards throughout the whole life cycle: from the extraction of raw material to production and distribution as well as to taking care of all of the needed documentation. KVIST aims to limit the environmental impact as much as possible in all production facilities.

EU Ecolabel


By offering the Nordic Swan Ecolabel we encourage you to develop products and services that take the environmental ressources into account

Nordic Ecolabel

KVIST offers different furniture and surface strength tests such as the ANSI Bifma test, EN 15372 and EN 16139 tests and other tests for different furniture types. We help you with the specific requirements for your furniture usage.

CO2e emission measurements are increasingly demanded from customers. KVIST is coorporating with the company MÅLBAR whom has developed a tool simplifying CO2e calculations significantly. 

We proudly participate in the LIFE FitforREACH-2 program, dedicated to implementing sustainable chemical risk management practices in our operations. Committed to environmental and human health, we embrace the program's goals for safer and more responsible chemical usage.


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