Quick ship

Quick ship is the logistic- and supply chain solution to our customers. KVIST is working with many different solutions on how to be the preferred partner in assembly, logistics- and the supply chain area.

Even though we mainly offer to manufacture high-volume industrial orders, KVIST can be flexible for special orders considering the case. Scroll down and read about a few of the areas KVIST can support you with. To get a full picture please contact our sales department.

In need of a solution to handle your products after they are produced?

KVIST Quick ship offers different kinds of order handling methods in order to meet your requirements. Maybe it is the fixed lead time you are most committed to, or do you wish to have more flexibility in terms of materials, suppliers and product changes? We are ready to support you.

Warehouse solutions – only keep selling goods on stock?

Maybe you are tired of running out of stock, having too many non-selling variants, or just believe you can use the time better on other important matters? Pass on the headache to us and let us help you overviewing your stock by using a VMI system. KVIST takes responsibility to refill your warehouse according to the agreement (min-max levels on each product).

Please contact us and learn more about the different solutions we can offer.

New sustainable ideas?

As the furniture industry is developing every day, KVIST has been looking into various sustainable and circular systems to prolong the product's lifecycle.  We are ready and open for a good discussion on how to make our cooperation more sustainable. 

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